Internship and links

I’ve just started today my second week of internship, at Duplo Network, here in Coimbra, Portugal. It’s so important to a student to have a internship, to learn the job in a real company, with real clients and timelines. I just made some minor works on week 1, most stationary, but now it’s starting to get better, with some new projects (which i can’t discuss now :P)

Anyway, i want to introduce two of my friends 😀 First one is the-iguana , a nice photographer and graphic designer (you can see his blog at my links list or here) and last but not least, saveGOD , who doesn’t have a blog (but should have) and it’s a great graphic designer too. They’re both from my classe (Design, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra) and two great friends. Oh and my deviantart is here too.

PS: i just realized now how ugly is my header 😛 i’ll going to design a logo for myself soon enough




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6 Responses to “Internship and links”

  1. Grant Says:

    Internships are a great thing. I ended up working full time to the place that I interned for after I graduated. Graphic design holds many opportunities as well. I interned and work for an architecture firm as their inhouse graphic designer.

  2. ftdesign Says:

    There´s always the opportunity of being “upgraded” to full-time employee at the end of the internship (my boss already talked about that) but even if i’m not, at least i’m learning with the real-life situations, so different from school.
    So do you do any 3D work? Since you work in an architecture firm…

  3. Grant Says:

    I do a lot of marketing, but I also work on signage packages, and wayfinding. I even got to design signage etched into the side of a building.

    and also, I don’t think your header is ugly. Maybe work on the letter spacing though, and give it some more room, if you want it to bleed off the edge, then really show that it is a clear decision. Just my thought.

  4. Ed aka the-iguana Says:

    olha publicidade. 😮 obrigado pelos elogios :$
    não podes falar nos projectos? top secret? 😛 lol
    ai que o meu estágio tá quase ai tb. :s aiai.

    hi grant… now i see how you got to my blog 😛

  5. ftdesign Says:

    pois é, 4 gajos clickaram no teu link no meu blog… mas em compensação 5 gajos vieram pro meu blog a partir do teu, por isso tou te a dever um click :
    pá.. top secret n é, mas também nao convém andar aí a espalhar sem estar pronto 😛
    começas esta semana?

  6. Ed aka the-iguana Says:

    lol ya eu sei. tava so a gozar 😛
    deves um click? deixa lá depois pagas um fino 😛
    não pá, começo para a semana… é a loucura. 😛
    o/ laterz

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