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Internship and links

January 28, 2009

I’ve just started today my second week of internship, at Duplo Network, here in Coimbra, Portugal. It’s so important to a student to have a internship, to learn the job in a real company, with real clients and timelines. I just made some minor works on week 1, most stationary, but now it’s starting to get better, with some new projects (which i can’t discuss now :P)

Anyway, i want to introduce two of my friends 😀 First one is the-iguana , a nice photographer and graphic designer (you can see his blog at my links list or here) and last but not least, saveGOD , who doesn’t have a blog (but should have) and it’s a great graphic designer too. They’re both from my classe (Design, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra) and two great friends. Oh and my deviantart is here too.

PS: i just realized now how ugly is my header 😛 i’ll going to design a logo for myself soon enough