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Good News

March 14, 2009

I’ve been working as an intern for 2 months now, that means two-thirds of my internship, and i just got some very good news today: one of the works that i made was presented to the client and he loved it.  I mean, really loved it (my boss said that it was one of the most positive reactions he ever got from a client). The job was to design all the stationery for the client, and we really tried to do some things that aren’t so widely used, like using photos on the business cards, for example. 

I didn’t do the job all by myself, we work as a team most of the times, and my boss acts like a creative director, so i follow some guidelines and add my ideas too. But it feels really great to have a positive response, and it dissolves a little of the stress we feel by working against the clock everyday (specially for a guy like me, who’s starting his professional life now).

At school, things are not so good, the works are always late, and there’s plenty of things to do (just ask Edgar) and i feel that my colleagues and i have potencial, but to work and study at the same time is making things go bad. But i guess we just have to get used to it 🙂


Internship and links

January 28, 2009

I’ve just started today my second week of internship, at Duplo Network, here in Coimbra, Portugal. It’s so important to a student to have a internship, to learn the job in a real company, with real clients and timelines. I just made some minor works on week 1, most stationary, but now it’s starting to get better, with some new projects (which i can’t discuss now :P)

Anyway, i want to introduce two of my friends 😀 First one is the-iguana , a nice photographer and graphic designer (you can see his blog at my links list or here) and last but not least, saveGOD , who doesn’t have a blog (but should have) and it’s a great graphic designer too. They’re both from my classe (Design, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra) and two great friends. Oh and my deviantart is here too.

PS: i just realized now how ugly is my header 😛 i’ll going to design a logo for myself soon enough